Transforming Intangible Folkloric Performing Arts
into Tangible Choreographic Digital Objects

Terpsichore aims to study, analyse, design, research, train, implement and validate an innovative framework for affordable digitization, modelling, archiving, e-preservation and presentation of ICH content related to folk dances, in a wide range of users (dance professionals, dance teachers, creative industries and general public)

“The Sound of Folk” is a creative documentary in production, which explores the relation between sound, folk dancing and technology. 
The process and results of the study on Intangible Cultural Heritage during TERPSICHORE, in parallel with an ethnographic documentation through the camera, is generating the footage for the film, which intends to trace and map bonds between dancers and the aforementioned wide themes. More specifically, the approach consists of both academic and poetic elements, which blend creatively for an audiovisual review, showcasing the essence of folk dancing, its human and musical sounds, and how technology can, or will participate in this culture, in the contemporary era.
The film is being produced within the framework of TERPSICHORE, and is expected to be published by the end of the program.