The originality of this work is two-fold:

1. On a technical point of view, it will confer to TERPSICHORE the unique capability of visualising animations, including virtual characters, within a highly detailed and planet size 3D geographic environment based on the results of the V-City project.

2. On a user point of view, TERPSICHORE browser will represent the first unified visual interface to access any geo-localized cultural information available on the planet including animations in their geographic context.

In other words, TERPSICHORE offers a new progress beyond the state of the art in the field of geographic and cultural information visualisation. V-City has been the first system ever capable of visualising complete built environments with unprecedented details, including indoors. TERPSICHORE will add cultural life to this system.

In TERPSICHORE, we have adopted for each workpackage an iterative research methodology, in a way to minimize all the possible risks (training & management) and guarantee a smooth running project. In particular, the research methodology is divided into four main phases (see Figure 2) 

    • Phase 1: Definition-and analysis requirements. This will take place at the beginning of each research step. Requirements will be defined in respect to folklore traditional performing arts and in close collaboration with the advisory board  for initiating a research roadmap and defining the research framework for each step.

    • Phase 2: Research. It is responsible for introducing the main research components of each workpackage. More specifically, it includes identification and exploitation of best available technologies, anticipating a risk and contingency plan in case that the designed or adopted technology is not able to fulfill requirements of Phase 1 and introduce objective benchmarking tools the for evaluation of the research tools.

    • Phase 3: Implementation aspects. It regards implementation aspects and system integration issues. During this phase a collective intelligent framework able to integrate the entire distinct component together in a common final integrated platform will be established. All previous results are interlinked together Within this framework, on the one hand previous phases’ and research steps’ outcomes are integrated, and on the other platform’s architecture and research shortcomings are detected and surpassed, to stay aligned with project’s objectives and timeline. TERPSICHORE respects personal data of the professional adult dancers.

    • Phase 4: Validation, dissemination, outreach and feedback. Validation will be accomplished using the benchmarking metrics derived from the research phase and the recommendations as well as consultations of the end-users (such as Europeana and the media industrial partners) and the advisory board. Dissemination and outreach activities are designed in a way to ensure maximal impact and contribute to the ERA, by covering the full chain, ranging from research, academia, industry, policy makers and ICH stakeholders to general public and pupils. Throughout the different tasks in each segment of the project, there are inter-relations between different phases, to guarantee that the main research objectives will be addressed and realized to the maximum extend.